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Arun Joe Cheriyan
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The Biggest success in the life is't earning plenty of bucks;but knowing who your are and what you are capable of. The first time I dealt with an Electronic equipment way backs to those days I spent at home even before joining a school ,a Radio of National-Panasonic.Which I dismantled into pieces.Small ceramic capacitors appeared like capsules,coils on the the table shaped structure and the tuning knobs bewildered me with curiosity and excitement .

Way then it pursued through a procession and often my Mom yelled at me ,"The seed of Destruction". The seed advanced into a plant,when I fixed a Chinese rechargeable Torch .The succession continued with glimpse of appreciation at times and immense happiness.Those were the days when I found myself in me. That discovery progressed to Engineering,where I analysed thing in a different way,I was able to simulate circuits and codes in my brain, Like an FPGA or scripting Language I was able to make logic circuits and codes in my brain,frame it , run it ,twist it , modify it , simulate it,find the bugs ,at times a nap did all these at an ultra high speed. That aided me in developing 'Advanced Traffic Control using AI' in LabVIEW. Heading to Mooshic Labs(First startup Research Lab in India),opened a gateway to knowledge,whatever things that astonished me once appeared simple and anguished for not knowing those things during my college days.Starting form Designing ,I gradually moved into Electronics and Firmware development on ARM Cortex Controllers.Being a Firmware Engineer in the Embedded team we developed tracker devices based on GSM ,GPS,GPRS and many other consumer electronic products. Now I see an Ocean in front ,but I'm no longer a Seed.

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