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Hi there,
I'm Sasszem("eagle-eye"?), a Hungarian guy who likes programming. I'm currently studying math in the local highschool. I like writing programs(as everyone here), but if anyone asks, tell him that I'm writing my homework, please! :D I plan to go to university, but first my primary goal to survive that crazy amount of math lessons a week. I like math, physics and obviously IT.
I'm not sure when I started programming, but I know that my brother taught me to JS. Now I prefer languages like Python & D. I've also met C++, Lua, Ruby, ASM(6502, I've played a bit with my C64), Forth, Piet... Not much experience trough.
I like spending my freetime with programming, chatting, building electronic circuits or playing music. I quite like reading, my favorite writer is Sir Terry Pratchett, I really like his Diskworld series. I also like watching old Sci-fies and I'm a Star Trek fan.
I like being busy. Now when I write this it's 1:32 PM and I would still work on my projects if there were no school tomorrow(or today). I'm always working on at least 3 different projects or even more.

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