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16 votes

Is this site for beginners?

15 votes

How could I improve these questions?

10 votes

A tag for every supply voltage?

7 votes

Should "how to design a project" questions always be put on hold as "too broad"?

7 votes

Salvage questions. On topic?

6 votes

How to follow up old question?

5 votes

Proposed Tag Merging

4 votes

Why haven't I the mortarboard badge?

4 votes

Revise the help/on-topic page to reflect desires of this community

3 votes

Question closed with "Insufficient preliminary research" cause

2 votes

Badge and privilege notifications are missing

2 votes

Why was this post closed as offtopic?

2 votes

Do you like hats?

1 vote

EE not open enough

0 votes

Wikipedia preview and https

0 votes

What is really getting downvoted?

-1 votes

Please correct a misleading comment on a question