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Programmer, Gamer, Commodore 64 Enthusiast (and now a proud owner of one!)...

You name it, I probably haven't done it [yet].

Born in Texas, moved to Germany for most of my early childhood, then moved to Texas again for the 3 worst years of my life, then moved to Hawaii for 8 long, sh*tty years, which could be summed up as: "How I learned to stop hating highway traffic, and learned to tolerate crappy chainstore sushi: the novel". Oh and I also moved back to Texas again, which I assume will be where I spend the rest of my misguided adolescence working for minimum wage at my local McDonalds. Yay.

Oh, and I do electrical engineering now. Check out my current major project below.

Now a college student at Western Technical College. Studying Information Systems and Security and it is HARD. Hoping to get my CompTIA certifications and maybe some Cisco, who knows. Definitely getting my Linux certs though.

Don't get on my bad side, and we'll get along just fine.

Some of my mottos in life that I always stick by:
"Something is better than nothing: having a shit weapon is better than no weapon."
"If you can't find something after looking everywhere, then you don't know what you're looking for."
"Don't argue with a feminist. You'll eventually contradict yourself, and that's what they're aiming for."
"If you can't take an insult, then you don't belong on the internet."
"OP is always a faggot. No exceptions."
"Two heads are better than one: having help is an invaluable asset."
"Stick to your values. Don't abandon the things that make you unique."
"Stick to your guns. Don't abandon the things that keep you and others safe."
"Stick to your morals. Don't abandon the things that make up your humanity."


My current major project: 10 hour porta-fridge.

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