Celal Ergün

I have been coding since 1990 as a technical high school student, studying electronics. I also attended to a university to learn computer programming. I worked 20 years as a software developer and team leader in my own company.

I learned Basic and Assembly at the high school. Then I learned C, Pascal, COBOL etc along with algorithms and data structures at the university. Later I learned Delphi, C++ and C#. I loved Delphi because of the ease of finishing whole projects in a short time. I designed and implemented audio and image recognition systems using NVidia CUDA compatible cards on Linux computers. I have applied for a patent and have published a paper on media monitoring.

We created a system for media monitoring business at my company (called HEARS, the High Efficiency Audio Recognition System because it was started as a radio monitoring software). It was a full scale development project:

  • Embedded systems to install at the user end. This includes the hardware design and cooking our own Linux distribution over OpenEmbedded.

  • Database design to hold the big data. MS SQL server and PostgreSQL to hold data on the server (over 400.000.000 records) and SQLite as a local cache.

  • User GUI applications for our data editors to work with. If something is working on Windows, its built with Delphi. Otherwise we used Qt.

  • DSP libraries experience. Since most of the recognition systems are DSP based at that time, we used FFTW, CUDA and OpenCV both on Windows and Linux.

  • During this time, I learned to manage a team of software developers and also kept learning new technologies to make the development process stable and safe. These are including but not limited to JVCS, Mercurial, Git, TFS, Trello etc.

  • Managing the environment with scripts both ran manually and scheduled.

  • Distributed update system for data and executable programs running on client machines, called S-PRINT.

After leaving my own company due to unfortunate circumstances I switched to Microsoft stack. Nowadays I am experimenting with Blazor, using server side paradigm, C# as programming language instead of JavaScript. It is a new world for me and my team because everything is easy and the environment is productive although it has its own difficulties.