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I can't edit my old schematics

I have noticed that I can't edit my old schematics because the EDIT button under the schematic doesn't appear after I go into edit mode on my answer. What could be the reason?
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Getting back to schematic entry in the post editor

I'm practising using the schematic entry in the post editor. When switching between Firefox 107.0.1 (64-Bit) tabs and windows, the schematic entry disappears time and again, apparently when I click &...
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Schematic diagram background colour preferences

Should we have any recommendations regarding the schematic diagrams we post? In particular, I find it quite problematic to read schematics on a black background such as this one: - Taken from here. ...
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How to add a schematic if my mobile device can't run the schematics editor?

I'm using a touch-screen device (a smartphone or a tablet) to access this site. Hence, the built-in circuit lab won't work for me. What do I do to add a schematic to my question?
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Vendor provided schematics without reference designators

Sometimes, we get questions about schematics from vendor application notes, datasheets, and such. You'd think that simply clipping the schematic from the appnote and inserting it as an image'd do, ...
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31 votes
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Who'd be interested in having SystemVision integrated here?

For the past several years, EE.SE has benefited from an integrated schematics editor (and circuit simulator): CircuitLab. Recently, Stack Exchange received an offer from Mentor Graphics, developers ...
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3 answers

CircuitLab schematic integration: we still get huge diagrams after 3 years, any news or workarounds?

When embedding a CircuitLab schematic the schematic is scaled to a constant width regardless of the complexity of the diagram. This causes questions and answers with multiple schematics to become ...
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Feature request - auto suggest addition of schematic to OP when not included [duplicate]

I hope this won't be received badly. I was wondering if a feature for the questions pertaining to circuit problems and debugging. What I noticed is a lot of questions asking for help with a circuit ...
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1 answer

Why is the schematic editor damaging questions when editing schematics?

I've noticed that sometimes, when editing a schematic (but not adding a new schematic) to a question, that some of the text above the schematic will be eaten. It's not just me, either. See my latest ...
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20 votes
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Why is the CircuitLab tool privileged?

Recently, the CircuitLab tool was added. This tool is privileged so that only people with 11 reputation can post images. I understand the idea of privileges: Because we allow participation from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can we have an electrolytic capacitor in the schematic editor?

At first: many thanks for embedding CircuitLab! It's cool, easy to use, et cetera, et cetera. Major improvement of the site. Here's a little feature request: can we have an electrolytic capacitor as ...
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9 votes
5 answers

What do we think of Fritzing?

Fritzing diagrams have been used in a few questions. I must admit, they look nice, and will certainly be helpful when you're wiring up your solderless breadboard. But you hardly can read ...
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6 votes
1 answer

FAQ about posting schematics

Given that we have a quite intensive use of schematics, and that often the posted ones don't meet the requirements for the users to answer: shall we add a FAQ section about how to draw/post/explain ...
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FAQ or wiki on how to best embed a schematic

Could we have a FAQ or wiki on how to best embed a schematic? The discussion on this question: How Arduino Power supply works shows that the process can be confusing, particularity to newcomers. ...
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Embedding a schematic editor

I've noted that really often, questions require the use of schematics, and answers too. Since I've seen some online editors, why don't we also embed one, to encourage the use of proper schematics?
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